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For comprehensive and trusted services delivered by a skilled team of glaziers, St Kilda locals know to call on Allround Glass & Glazing.

We have been an in-demand name for glass repair, cutting, and installation services since 1985, and work to ensure that all customers can enjoy our professional and prompt solutions that are suited to both residential and commercial properties.

No matter what the job might be, our team has the knowledge and industry experience necessary to tackle it and deliver both unbeatable results and lasting value for money to our customers.

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Glass Repairs & Replacement Glass

We can tackle repairs or both residential and commercial properties, tailoring our services to suit the specific demands of the job at hand.

Experience the Benefits of Double Glazing Panels!
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency
  • Serene Tranquility
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Eco-Friendly Solution
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What our clients say

Incredibly polite and very fast service. Thank you.

Derek Rebel

Great advice, friendly and best quote I received. Thanks for all the help guys!

Tom H

amazing quick service in my time of need

e Moderno

Professional operators. Great customer service.

Chicken Smallhorn

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Very professional and efficient service.
Service: Glass installation

Helen Brush

Positive: Responsiveness
Great company to deal with!
Service: Window installation

Ryan Perry

Good people, well priced and glass always made on time.

Paul Ternent

Positive: Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Replacement of a broken window - fast, efficient, friendly and great price

Heidi Riedel

Good customer service and very prompt,high quality workmanship

antonio costa

Well priced and great service, they always get my repeat business


Dianna was very polite and helpful! Glass was moderate pricing and delivery Gentlemen was very accommodating

Colin Gower

Extremely helpful, excellent service and great staff. I've been using them for years and will continue to do so.

John Millan

Great service and responded in a timely manner

Jazz Bir

We had 2 mirrors custom made and installed. These guys were professional, fast, friendly and great value for money. Would highly recommend!

Danny Smulders

I had three broken mirrors, one being a very large bevilled outdoor mirror (hit by a basketball). The service was impeccable from the get-go. The quote initially provided was not varied, the mirrors were fixed very quickly and perfectly measured and the guys who came out were polite and tidy.

A Fogarty

Fast, friendly, and not too expensive. Walked in and asked about a replacement pane for a set of louvres, three hours later, come pick it up at your leisure. If I need some glass cut to size again I'll be going here.

Simon Bennett

I used All Round recently for a shop fit out. I had heard many positive reviews from the Kensington Good Karma Network and I was not disappointed! They were very easy to deal with, above all friendly and much cheaper than the other quotes I received. The beautiful cathedral glass they used was placed beautifully in the Vic ash frames.…More

Stella Pericleous

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
So happy with the swift removal and expert replacement of a large arched window pane in our business, which had been shattered. Great work by the team at Allround Glass & Glazing. Highly recommend!
Services: Glass fitting, Glass installation, Glass cutting

Georgina OConnor

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Outstanding service. 2 Technicians arrived right on time and performed the required work quickly and to an excellent standard. The guys were great, providing insights on the job and glass in general. The work was done as quoted without trying to upswell.
Services: Glass installation, Window repair, Glass cutting

Peter Stacker

Super fast and extra helpful when I was in a bind


Super easy to deal with. Skilled, responsible and responsive. They volunteered a reduction on a quoted price when one of the manufacturing stages was deleted by the building team and made a difficult series of re-glazing tasks in in my daughters Victorian home seem easy; substantially reducing our stress levels in the process! A great, speedy and clever job from…More

Ted Bryan

Positive: Professionalism, Value
The guys were friendly, elite at what they do and had my glass cut and ready in about 10 minutes. Highly Recommend
Service: Glass cutting

Matthew Harrison

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value Absolutely amazing service and affordable. I had a crack in a large window in my rental. Campbell got back to me with a price in a few minutes (half the price of another company), he organised installation quickly with my property manager, the process could not have been easier. The workmanship was excellent, I have recommended…More

Matilda Liston
Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions for Double Glazing glass windows. For more information please contact us.

What glazing would you recommend for my house so I can keep it cool in summer and warm in winter?

There are a range of options available dependent on whether a single glazed or double glazed solution is required. That in turn may depend on the framing system desired, the performance criteria required and/or the budget that is in place.

Low-E Glass (single glazed): Choose windows with Low-E (low emissivity) glass. Low-E coatings help to reflect heat back into your home during the winter, keeping it warm, and they also reduce the amount of heat that enters your home during the summer, helping to keep it cool.

Double Glazing: Opt for double glazing, which involves two layers of glass with an insulating space in between. This provides better thermal insulation and reduces heat transfer, keeping your home comfortable in both summer and winter.

What are the benefits of Low E glass?

Low-E (low emissivity) glass is a type of energy-efficient glass that has a special coating designed to reflect and reduce the amount of heat transfer and UV rays that pass through it. Low-E glass is versatile and can be glazed on its own or used as part of a double glazed unit depending on the needs of job. Some benefits of Low-E glass include:

Energy Efficiency: Low-E glass helps keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter by preventing the escape of indoor heat and blocking outside heat from coming in. This can lower your energy bills.

UV Protection: It reduces the amount of ultraviolet (UV) rays that enter your home, which helps protect your furniture, floors, and fabrics from fading or damage caused by sun exposure.

Sustainability: Using Low-E glass can contribute to a more eco-friendly and energy-efficient home, as it reduces the need for heating and cooling, reducing carbon emissions.

Glare Reduction: Low-E coatings can also reduce glare from sunlight, making it more pleasant to be inside your home.

In summary, Low-E glass is an excellent choice for improving energy efficiency, protecting your belongings from UV damage, enhancing comfort, and contributing to a greener and more comfortable living space.

Can my existing frames take double glazing?

Double glazing can typically be installed in many window frames, but it depends on the specific design and condition of the existing frames. Here are some key considerations:

Frame Material: Double glazing can be installed in various frame materials, including wood, aluminium and steel. The frame should be in good condition and structurally sound to support the weight and thickness of double-glazed units.

Frame Design: The frame should have the depth or thickness to accommodate the double-glazed unit. If the existing frame is too narrow or shallow, it may need modifications or a replacement to fit the double glazing. Some unique or historic window designs may not easily accommodate double glazing without altering their appearance.

Frame Integrity: The frame should be free of rot, decay, or structural damage. If the frame is compromised, it may need to be repaired or replaced before installing double glazing.

Compatibility: The type of window, such as casement, sliding, or double-hung, can affect the ease of installing double glazing. Some window types may require more extensive modifications or replacement to accommodate double-glazed units.

Keep in mind that retrofitting existing frames with double glazing can be a complex process, it may be more cost-effective and practical to look towards a single glazed alternative such as a Low E option.

What are the benefits of acoustic glass?

Acoustic glass is a type of glass that has a special coating designed to dampen and reduce noise. It can be utilised in a single glazed option or as part of a double glazed unit depending on the specific needs of the job. In simple terms, the benefits of acoustic glass are:

Noise Reduction: Acoustic glass significantly reduces external noise, providing a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.

Improved Comfort: Reduced noise levels make your living or working space more comfortable and conducive to relaxation, concentration, or sleep.

Enhanced Privacy: It prevents external sounds from being easily heard inside, providing privacy for your space.

Energy Efficiency: Some acoustic glass options also offer energy-efficient features, helping to lower heating and cooling costs.

UV Protection: Many acoustic glass products block harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, protecting your furnishings from fading and sun damage.

What are the benefits of double glazing?

In simple terms, the benefits of double glazing are:

Improved Insulation: Double glazing provides better insulation for your home, keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Energy Efficiency: It helps reduce energy consumption, leading to lower heating and cooling costs.

Noise Reduction: Double glazing can make your home quieter by blocking out external noise.

Enhanced Comfort: It creates a more comfortable indoor environment with fewer temperature fluctuations.

UV Protection: Some double glazing options offer UV protection, which helps safeguard your furnishings from sun damage.

Is double glazing the answer to a noise problem?

Double glazing can help reduce noise levels, but it may not always be the complete solution to a severe noise problem. Whether double glazing is effective for addressing noise issues depends on various factors, including the type and source of the noise, the construction of your building, and the specific double glazing configuration.

What glazing options would you recommend to reduce sound?

To reduce sound, we would recommend the following glazing options:

Acoustic Glass (Single glazed): Consider specially designed acoustic glass, which is engineered to minimize noise by disrupting sound waves and vibrations.

Laminated Glass (Single glazed) : Opt for laminated glass, which consists of multiple layers with an interlayer of plastic. It effectively dampens sound vibrations and provides good noise reduction.

Double Glazing: Choose double-glazed windows with two layers of glass and an insulating air or gas space between them. This additional layer creates a barrier to sound transmission.

Thicker Glass: Thicker glass panes can provide better sound insulation. Consider windows with thicker glass for enhanced noise reduction.

Secondary Glazing: If your existing windows are not suitable for replacement, consider adding a secondary glazing system, which involves adding an extra layer of glass or acrylic to the inside of your windows.

Remember that the specific choice of glazing will depend on the level of noise you want to block, your budget, and your specific needs. Consult with us to determine the most suitable glazing option for your particular situation.

What is Safety glass?

Safety glass is a type of glass designed to enhance safety by minimizing the risk of injury when it breaks. There are two common types of safety glass:

Toughened Glass: Tempered glass is safety glass that is heat-treated to make it stronger than regular glass. When it breaks, it shatters into small, relatively harmless pieces, reducing the risk of sharp, jagged shards that can cause injuries. It’s often used in applications where safety is a concern such as shower screens and some windows and doors.

Laminated Glass: Laminated glass consists of two or more layers of glass bonded together with a plastic interlayer. Even if the glass is shattered, the interlayer holds the fragments together, preventing them from falling apart and causing harm. It is commonly used in applications where both safety and security are important such as doors as windows.

What are the benefits of safety glass?

Safety glass, such as toughened glass and laminated glass, offer several important benefits:

Reduced Injury Risk: Safety glass is designed to minimize the risk of injury when it breaks. Toughened glass shatters into small, less dangerous pieces, and laminated glass holds the shattered pieces together, reducing the potential for cuts and injuries.

Enhanced Security: Safety glass, especially laminated glass, provides added security by making it more difficult for intruders to break through. The interlayer in laminated glass holds the glass together, impeding forced entry.

Sound Insulation: Laminated glass can help reduce noise from outside, offering improved acoustic insulation compared to standard glass.

Heat Resistance: Toughened (tempered) glass can withstand higher temperatures, making it suitable for use in areas with heat sources, such as stovetops or fireplaces.

Why trust us?

Allround Glass and Glazing has been proudly serving our community since 1985.

Family-owned and operated, with a commitment to personalised service.

Pioneers in glass renovation, dedicated to enhancing energy efficiency, noise reduction, and safety.

A deep-rooted passion for delivering excellence in every project. Whether it’s our domestic work or high profile government projects, we always assure our work is to the highest Australian standard for safety and quality.

Why take our word for it, see what our customers have to say. Click here.


We’re committed to helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint by enhancing energy efficiency through advanced glass solutions.

When you choose Allround Glass and Glazing, you’re selecting a glazier that understands the potential of glass and is dedicated to harnessing it to create a better, more comfortable, and sustainable living or working environment for you.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your residential or commercial spaces, we’re here to provide you with innovative solutions that will not only transform your surroundings but also contribute to a more sustainable and serene world.

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    When it comes to tried and tested glass repair services in St Kilda and throughout the surrounding suburbs, make sure you turn to the professionals here at Allround Glass & Glazing.

    We are proud to be a sought-after provider of glass repair services for homes and businesses in the local area, with our team making sure that our customers can avoid injury when trying to go through the DIY glass repair route. Our team will ensure that all broken and damaged glass is removed safely, and that it is discarded responsibly and correctly.

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    Allround Glass & Glazing offers a wide range of qualified and expert services for everything from leadlights to glass display cases.

    We tailor all services and solutions to meet the specific demands and needs of our customers, and ensure they can experience the high standard of workmanship that has become synonymous with our name.

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